Suddenly the bad news of the World Cup Bangladesh camp!

The Bangladesh team is battling injuries. Opener Tamim Iqbal left the team for pain in left hand during the practice. It is still not certain whether he will play his first match in the World Cup against South Africa on June 2. After the trial, the real situation of Tamim can be known. Although Tamim and other minor injuries are concerned, bowling coach Courtney Walsh is expected to get a healthy team. He told the chances of performing well in the Oval wicket, ‘There was only one pain in his hands.

There is still no way to understand it. Given that no updates are now possible. Wait until the report is available. It is a matter of little concern that the ball came out of the net as soon as it got the ball. Tamim was batting on one side of the field, suddenly a force hit the ball in his left hand. He left this practice without any suffering. Apart from captain Mushfiq Bin Mortaza, all-rounder Saifuddin was also resting due to minor problems.

105 Not a sh ame! Fast bowler Wahab Riaz made little resistance in the bat. Pakistan could cross the century, Sarfraz’s team offered shame in batting in the first match of the World Cup. Pakistan total 105 runs. Pakistan’s lowest score in ODIs against the West Indies was in 1993 at 43 against Pakistan in the West Indies against West Indies in Cape Town.

Imran Khan’s innings ended in 74 runs in England’s lowest innings in the World Cup in 1992 in the World Cup. But Pakistan won the World Cup to win England in the final. Pakistan’s lowest run in ODIs was 102 before today; This match against Sri Lanka was held in Dambulla in 2014. Today, Fakhr Zaman, Babar Azam, Mohammad Hafeez and Wahab Riaz are able to reach the two-digit house against the West Indies. If Wahab Riyaz did not play 18, Pakistan would have been stuck in the 90’s.

Captain Holder of the West Indies decided to make the toss ground at the start of the day. Thomas, Cotterell and Russell have received considerable strength from captain’s decision. Thomas took four wickets alone. Boruss is the choice of Trump as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom After the announcement of the resignation of Prime Minister Theresa in May, a new leader in the ruling Conservative party is going to contest elections. This leader will be the next Prime Minister of the country. Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said, Boris Johnson will be the ‘excellent’ personality for the leadership of the Conservative Party. He will do as well as the Prime Minister

Trump to visit Britain on Monday for British Queen Elizabeth II Earlier, in an interview given to the country’s newspaper The Sun, he said these things. The interview was published on Friday. Thresa May will step down from the post of Conservative Party on June 7, ending the three-day trip to the United Kingdom. In the interview with Boris Johnson, a very good man and talented person, among his teammates, who ran for his successor, commented Trump.

He said, “Boris Johnson will be good as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. I think he (Boris Johnson) will be extraordinary. “Trump said expressing support to the current Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt,” Yes, I like him. Criticizing Theresa Maine in an interview with Sanac, Trump said, “I told Theresa Mackea, to build my own ammunition if one side is ahead in all directions, the game is tough.”

Megan shocking Megan Merkel said in an interview about the then Republican candidate Donald Trump before the US presidential election in 2016, that the politics of the trumpet is divisive. When Trump is elected President, he will go to Canada. In response to Megan’s comments, US President Sanak said in an interview, “He was so damn, I did not know.” Note that former Hollywood actress Megan Merkel is now a member of the British royal family. Last year, he got married to Prince Harry.

Facebook-WhatsApp information on US visa application The United States has made new rules for visas. Under the new law, applicants for the United States Visa will now have to submit details of Facebook-WhatsApp. However, analysts think that it will be difficult to get a US visa.

Discussions started around the world with the new US visa regime. Many do not want to disclose their social media account information. Because, there is fear of being hacked. As well as think that privacy will not be maintained. There, this new rule created controversy. According to the BBC’s new rules, the new regulations in the US State Department have been told that the applicant should use the name of his social network and the five-year use-e-mail and phone number must be submitted with a US visa application. US visas after meeting social media information When this new rule was proposed last year, the US State Department said it would affect 1.44 million people.

This stringent system of rules will not always apply to diplomats and government officials visas. Those who are interested in traveling or studying in the United States must submit the information. If anyone gives false information about social media, he will have to face severe consequences for immigration, the Foreign Office warns. But if someone does not use social media, then there will be a chance to mention it in the visa application form.

US officials say that in recent years worldwide, social media is one of the areas for terrorist activities. Officials believe that it will be possible to pick terrorists through this. Trump administration proposed a new rule in March of March 2012. American Civil Liberties Union, a human rights organization in the United States, said there was no evidence that social media surveillance has done anything effective. Civil Liberties Union said that this will make people limited their opinion online.

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