Ronaldo is coming to Dhaka?

Mujib Barasa will be celebrated in the country colorful arrangement in 2020. Various sports federations will participate in marking the birth anniversary of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Bangladesh Football Federation (BFF) has made a special plan to create the 100th anniversary of Bangabandhu. BFF plans to have a friendly match between two world powers or two European clubs. If the plan is implemented, five times FIFA Ballon d’Or, Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo can be seen in the field of Dhaka.

In 2011 Argentina’s superstar Lionel Messi played on the field in Dhaka. Under the leadership of Messi, Argentina played a friendly match against Nigeria at the Bangabandhu National Stadium. The Spanish football club in Barcelona plays the role of this megaaster in the world. Messi also led the team.

If there is no friendly match between two national teams of Europe, then BFF has the idea of ​​bringing any two teams between European Giant Football Club Liverpool, Barcelona, ​​Bayern Munich or PSG. And Befauf would like to bring Barcelona to Dhaka, certainly Messi came with the team. If this is implemented, then this Argentinian wizard’s football style can be seen in Dhaka.

But BFF’s initial plans include football friendly in Europe, two football super power. In this case, Portugal, Italy, Germany and England are the first favorites. BFF wants to host Portugal vs Italy match. And if it is implemented, Cristiano Ronaldo will be seen in the field for the first time in Dhaka.

BFF General Secretary Abu Nayeem Sohag said on Tuesday, “We want to organize a friendly match between two groups or two clubs from Europe in the anniversary of Bangabandhu. Our President (Kazi Salahuddin) had said earlier in the committee meeting We have started communicating, but there is no confirmation yet. After some more details can be told. Regarding bringing Portuguese star Ronaldo as BFF’s general secretary, he said, “If we meet the Portugal team, then obviously Ronaldo will come as well, and we will go ahead with this in mind. That’s a big star in that team. ”

But organizing friendly matches between European countries is not easy. Among the big clubs, there are many fans to host a friendly match. Originally the football calendar of the parties has already been decided. In accepting this fact, BFF general secretary Abu Nayeem Sohag said, “Contact with everyone is continuing. I have given the letter. I am talking to the agency. Generally, matches are already well. It can be difficult for us to find a team, but some people are considering the offer, some say that it is too late, but we do not lose hope. ‘

Australia warns against Afghanistan Many Afghans believe in the Dark Horses in England World Cup. Afghanistan lost to England in preparation match Australia captain Aaron Finch has not seen Afghanistan as an easy opponent in their first match. Afghanistan is absolutely new in the World Cup. Their second World Cup is to be played in England. But what will happen if we are new to the Cricket World Cup, due to the recent form, Afghanistan has to honor the other teams. Australian captain Aaron Finch believes Afghanistan is the most dangerous team in the World Cup.

One of the favorite favorites of the 2019 World Cup is Australia. The five-time world champions will play in the first match of the World Cup against Afghanistan in Bristol today. From strength to strength, Australia is ahead of the Afghans. However, the latest form and Mujib-Rashid are not completely abandoned for the spinners as well, but Afghanistan can not be abandoned. Finch is very much appreciated by Gulbuddin Nafees, “If we want to defeat Afghanistan we will have to play the best game.”

Afghanistan’s arrival in international cricket is not too long. Afghanistan has played a lot of cricket in a very short time. Finch also came to the fore, “There has been a lot of changes in the game in the last four years. They have also lost Pakistan in the preparation match. Played great. Their batting bowling were all great. The number of fans of the game has increased a lot.

OBHAI Australian skipper David Warner has removed the smokelessness created against the game against Afghanistan, “David is good, will play against Afghanistan and play.” For Australia, the World Cup debut is comparatively easy. But it can not be said when the accident happened.

Pakistan lose, Australia can be defeated – Afghan courage! Afghanistan face Pakistan in second match of the day Afghans won the toss in this match of the toss. Afghans chest chhati ‘Chappan Ichchi’. There is a warp! Dare to say ‘Can defeat Australia too’ Today, while talking to the Afghans about the match starting at 6:30 pm in Bangladesh, it may seem that they are not seeing flowering in the eyes of the Australians looking at yellow jerseys. Rather, their captain Gulbaden Naib also said, “Pakistan have lost in the warm-up game. Anything happening in cricket can happen anytime. ‘

This happens due to the inconvenience caused to the accident. While Afghanistan’s cricket-growing upturn is far superior to the Suppludur, Australia still has no planets far away from them. Zimbabwe have lost 15 times in ODIs and Bangladesh three times. Sri Lanka and the West Indies have also had the taste of losing to the Afghans. Apart from this, they have won the Test series against Ireland against Ireland. This achievement is not less than anything in this short period. Again, they also understand the realities of their distances in the cricket map with Australia.

But what! Gulbadan Naib says, “We came to play the World Cup with a good team, that team has many world-class players. And it’s cricket. Pakistan have lost in the preparation match. Anything happening in cricket can happen. We will try to play good cricket against them. Of course, we have every respect for every team in the Cricket World Cup. And Australia is the champion team. I respect that honor. But we will also give up the hundred percent in the field. I am perfectly happy with my team, the way we play for the last two-three years, we can rely on this team. ”

But Afghanistan was badly tortured by the World Cup. Australia scored 417 runs, which is the highest in the World Cup. Australia won by 275 runs The World Cup, which is the biggest win-win However, there are many differences between the two Afghans in this World Cup since the last World Cup, said Nimb, “You have to see how Australia played the last World Cup.

The game was played on their soil, Australia was playing very well, it was a champion at the end. Check out our last warm-up game against Pakistan. Now our team has changed a lot. No more like 2015. Now all changed. In the last few years we have made great progress in batting-bowling-fielding. Hopefully we will play against Australia.

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