Serena hoped for the frustration to go ahead !

At the end of the year, Grand Slam was the US Open tennis final, but American star Serena Williams was deprived of the title. By forgetting that he is ready to achieve something else in front of it. Serena is seeking to return to court after the US Open in September last year. Hopman Cup is starting from Saturday in Perth. The 23 grand slam winners of this tournament hope to do something good in the new season.

Serena Hopman plays an exhibition match with the older sister Venus Williams ahead of the cup. However, the preparation was not good. Serena lost to Venus 6-4, 6-3 and 10-8. But Serena is not worried about the results. Talking about the new season, the old memories remind me of Serena, when asked about the reason behind Naomi Osaka in the US Open final, Serena defied the issue in some way. They said, ‘I do not want to avoid anything. I do not have the time to talk about this only. What I said about this and everyone has said this month later; Rather, moving forward towards greater and better things is important. ‘

Along with the Hopman Cup, Serena will not be able to keep herself in the new year to fulfill her dreams. Français Française Tiafo will play Serena as a partner in the Hopman Cup. Serena has played four Grand Slam this year. But he could not win any title. In the career, he had to burn a grand slam for seven consecutive years. Serena did not win the title even after finishing the Wimbledon and US Open.

Serena returned to the court after being the mother of the baby in March. He has played seven tournaments later. Serena is excited about the Australian Open in January. He will be part of history in upcoming upcoming tournaments. Sreena, owner of 23 Grand Slam, will be equal to the number of Grand Slam wins in the women’s singles. United States Margaret Court is at the top of the world with a total of 24 Grand Slam titles. Serena aimed to be a part of history. He said, “When I got the 22nd title, then 23rd This is something I really want to do. That’s why I have to go there and lose some good players. ‘

Serena said she is in good condition before the Australian Open. Serena is satisfied with her fitness. Serena said she is convinced that she will lose her confidence even after losing Venus. He said, ‘My fitness, I think I am in good standing. I ran a lot, many but I never even felt tired. So I think I am really good. ‘

Slowly wins Australia It did not get much bigger collection in Afghanistan. It’s hard to be afraid of a team like Australia who are just 208 runs. Australia have won an unbeaten win They have progressed slowly towards the goal. Australia won by seven wickets with 15.1 overs The hope of Afghanistan was surrounded by three spinners. But Australian Open pair of Aaron Finch and David Warner, who has poured water in the hope that David Warner The opening partnership of 96 runs in just 16.1 overs gave Australia a flying start to Australia. Warner

How did Warner play in the first international match of the ban, how did he play? Warner, not out, was more aggressive in the opening pair of captain Aaron Finch. From the beginning, the Afghan bowlers were beaten by the spinners, they also vehemently plan to catch the wheel of the spin. In the first over, Mujib-ur-Rehman was told by two to four Afghans, the plan of Kabubu is not very useful. Finch hit a four and a six in the next over and left for an attack from Finch.

Speaker Hamid Hassan has been suffering very well, but the opener, It’s been 140 km per hour regularly. Finch scored the first spell in 4 overs, Hamid played just fine with Hamid at the other end, but Hamid also hit the rest of the bowlers. There are two Maiden overs. It has a small record. Hamid was the first bowler to take two wickets in one match in the one-day internationals.

Rashid Khan is also the mainstay of Afghan bowling. Finch, who scored 10 runs in the first two of the first raid on the first attack in the 14th over, The way he was batting, it seems that the first century of the 2019 World Cup will come from Finch’s bat. But in the 17th over, Gulbuddin Nayeb was hit by the slower, and he returned with 66 runs in the deep cover. Along with six fours, four huge sixes were killed. Warner is moving forward in a calm and mellow way. The English fans have heard the duo while going to bat today, but the successful left-hander has been successful. Keeping the edge in one end, the team has won easy win. Warner was unbeaten on 89 off 114 balls

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